Feed The Clowns

Sustainable Investing for Everyday Life

Dale Wannen

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Save the Planet Through Your Portfolio and Laugh While Doing It

A soulful, self-deprecating and humorous tale on the wild world of investing, wealth manager Dale Wannen offers practical advice on a not-so-practical topic as he lays out his career full of chain-smoking bankers, greedy insurance salesmen, drunk cold-calling, and depressed stockbrokers. Dale divulges his decades of experiences in the investment “circus”, what to steer clear of when it comes to socking away money, and also how investors can make a difference by investing with sustainability in mind.

About the Author

Dale Wannen

Dale Wannen is the founder of Sustainvest Asset Management LLC, an independent registered investment advisory firm focused on sustainable investing. He has over 20 years of experience in wealth management and financial services with a distinct commitment to sustainability. Dale serves on the boards of various non-profits and speaks frequently on the topic of green investing and how to take on the man via shareholder advocacy. He spends his time in the redwoods of Northern California and the shores of New Jersey.
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